Whenever you’re sad just think about Noiz and Clear going through metal detectors at airports

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doodled my stupid otp on my new sketchbook. why does this ship give me so many feels? it’s unfair.

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Wow, they really changed the art style when they re-aired episode 3.

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Anonymous asked:

if i met you i would give you a BIG HUG and maybe give you like $50 if i had it on me and also we could eat ice cream and watch anime

Holy shit who are you I want to embrace you in my bosom TELL ME YOUR NAME FRIEND perhaps we can do the thing


Teya Salat

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- A compliment
- A story
- Why you follow me
- If you met me what would you do
- A cute message
- One thing you want to tell me
- One thing you want to know about me

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ViTri requested by the—virus :3c gettin ready 4 white day

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Halp. I have a problem.

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Actually I dont know how to draw Noiz bye 

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